Ben nooit onder de indruk geweest van de top 10 of nog ouder top 40. Maar nu is er voor de preppers een echte top tien. (van bedreigingen voor de mens), een meer uitgebreide beschrijving van de bedreigingen die voorkomen in de TV serie Doomday preppers.

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National Geographic's television show Doomsday Preppers reveals a growing trend in communities across America: Individuals and entire families "prepping" for a widespread disaster.
Families stockpiling food and water; stockpiling weapons; rehearsing doomsday scenarios with one another. Discussing ways to "bug out" -- how to pack and where to travel to should their neighborhood be overrun by looters or simply be in the disaster zone of a radiation cloud resulting from a massive nuclear attack on U.S. soil.

Each segment of each episode begins with a new person declaring something to the effect of:

"I'm preparing for global thermonuclear war."

"I'm preparing for a solar flare."

"I'm preparing for numerous terrorist attacks with dirty bombs".

"I'm preparing for World War III."

The list goes on.

Doomsday Preppers and Why They "Prep"

Looking at Doomsday Preppers, just what are the top ten threats to America and the rest of the planet?

A natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake or tornado is too localized to be considered a major threat to America or other nations to make this list.

Doomsday Preppers and the Top 10 Biggest Threats to America

So, with "average" natural disasters disqualified from this list for being too "localized" and not affecting a wide enough area, let's count down the list of the ten biggest threats to America that a number of our friends at Doomsday Preppers are prepping for, as well as a couple more that they're not prepping for yet, but just maybe they should. Starting with # 10: