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    Mankinds only hope
    Mar 2012
    White House prepares for a EMP/Solar flares:

    Stukje uit de Daily mail:
    Massive electromagnetic pulse caused by solar flares could bring an end to modern civilization as we know it
    •Extreme space weather event could wipe out power for months and render cellphones and internet useless
    •One study estimates that in the U.S. alone it could cost the fragile economy up to $2.6 trillion
    •Now the White House are preparing for the threat after a major solar flare narrowly missed the Earth in 2012
    •Strategy includes improving prediction abilities as forecasters only have been 15-60 minutes warning and how to protect energy grids
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    Oeps, zie net dat [MENTION=34]Tom[/MENTION] de link al had geplaatst...
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