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    SHTF Expert
    Jun 2012
    Omgeving Eindhoven
    It is good to talk and think about these kind of questions.
    Still better is to actualy work on that group.

    Better to have a group, even when not perfect, than a perfect group only on paper.

    Good to see some actually have, a good, group.
    And some reply's are verry good, like how a group functions is perhaps of greater impact than just the right skills put together in a group.

    And since you talk about 5 years, number 21 is on my list although i would put the attractive requirement quite low and put mutual affection higher ( and than some more wishes of course)...

    Lets say that just 5 persons for 5 years is way to little....

    (Knowing your odds in a shtf, [MENTION=870]zippo[/MENTION] 's answer makes sence too )

    Just prep,
    K a n s
    Laatst gewijzigd door Kans; 27-04-14 om 09:14.
    Kennis zonder wijsheid is (zelf)vernietiging.

    Het is helaas gevaarlijk om gelijk te hebben, als de meerderheid het fout heeft.

    Het gaat niet zozeer om te zien wat nog niemand heeft gezien.
    Maar om te bedenken wat nog niemand heeft bedacht over datgene dat iedereen kan zien !

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    Apr 2014
    lol not allowing number 21 would not sit well with my better half :-p
    "There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up."
    Proverbs 21:20

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    Sep 2013
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    I think my choises would be made on character instead of occupation. I don't want any hotheads in my group (shouting/fighting all the time), no nervous breakdowns (crying all the time), no religious fanatics (praying and preaching all the time), and I would probably think of some more in time.

    The composition of my group would depent on the kind of shtf (a flood is different from a foreign occupation, or a virus) and how many people are left. If possible I would prefer to stay in one place, and then you'll need a farmer, if you are on the run for 5 years, you don't need a farmer at all (supposing he/she had no other qualities at all) Supposing you are occupied by a foreign nation, a translater might be of great importance.
    I think [MENTION=952]Dreutel[/MENTION] accompanied with 6 beautiful girls with no knowledge at all can save mankind WTSHTF.

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    Jun 2012
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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door FincaInSpanje Bekijk Berichten
    I think [MENTION=952]Dreutel[/MENTION] accompanied with 6 beautiful girls with no knowledge at all can save mankind WTSHTF.

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    Rejected, only 5 were allowed

    K a n s
    Kennis zonder wijsheid is (zelf)vernietiging.

    Het is helaas gevaarlijk om gelijk te hebben, als de meerderheid het fout heeft.

    Het gaat niet zozeer om te zien wat nog niemand heeft gezien.
    Maar om te bedenken wat nog niemand heeft bedacht over datgene dat iedereen kan zien !

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    Mankinds only hope
    Sep 2012
    With me:

    • 4)fisherman
    • 5)warrior/tactician
    • 8)hunter
    • 17)doctor
    • 24)handyman

    4: We have a lot of water in Europe, creeks, rivers, lakes, So fishing skills would come in very useful
    5: Without a line of defense or possibilities to stay undetected, you'll be run over in no time.
    8: A very useful skill that requires a lot of training. Going hunting without this training is almost impossible.
    17: For all the obvious reasons...
    24: Always have a jack of all trades in your team.

    NOT with me:

    • 6)theologian
    • 7)educator
    • 10)heavy equipm. op.
    • 14)historian
    • 15)businessman

    6: Hell no!
    7: All that needs to be learned can be teached by us.
    10: A specialism that will not be needed in this time
    14: Also a specialism that will not be needed in this time.
    15: These people are normally not as 'down to earth' as we are, therefor more of a burden to the group.

    I think that personality is the most important aspect of forming a group. Skills can be trained, and i think it is important for all members of your group to have several skills. We all should know how to milk a cow, and how we work the land, or how to use the communications devices, etc...
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    Mankinds only hope
    Oct 2012
    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door FincaInSpanje Bekijk Berichten
    I think [MENTION=952]Dreutel[/MENTION] accompanied with 6 beautiful girls with no knowledge at all can save mankind WTSHTF.

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    For King, Country, and the sake of the Human Kind, I am prepared to try, and try again :-) to educate those "girls with no knowledge at all"

    One more type I don't want in my group is a so called joker who sabotages his own group (like Ruud in Utopia)

    And know for real: I will take "number 39 with rice" for his singing,

    Actually everybody would be welcome to my group, because a group makes you stronger, and when a group becomes too big, you split in two or three coŲperating groups.

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    This is very usefull for the nsa or aivd to profile preppers on this forum. Well as you can see I would prefer a theocracy not a democracy or authoritarian regime.


    Want with me:

    1. auto mechanic
    2. doctor
    3. handyman - knows plumbing/welding/carpentry/electricity, etc
    4. theologian
    5. chef - I do not like to cook.

    The first three I know nothing about so it will be usefull. 4 and 5: I'm lazy.

    Do not want with me:

    1. attractive member of the opposite sex or same sex. Why? He or she would be useless.
    2. athlete
    3. warrior/tactician - To much stress and not compatible with the theologian.
    4. policeman No need for one. We have a theologian.
    5. lawyer - the bible has enough laws wich every one in my group will know.

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    Spambot hunter
    Mar 2012
    why aspecialy a warrior? off course they know some skill
    but the most soldiers are used to very long supllie lines, they can fight as longs they have MRE's and when they are gone then what?

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    Prepper goeroe
    Oct 2012
    Ergens in Zweden
    Well, it completely depends on the kind of SHTF. In the (highly unlikely) event of a zombie apocalypse, I'd pick these 5 to take with me:
    6)theologian - to feed to the zombies and improve our chances of escaping.
    13)lawyer - same, and the fewer the better anyway.
    11)auto mechanic - to fix our escape bus.
    24)handyman - to armour and weaponise said bus.
    5)warrior/tactician - to kill zombies.


    In a more realistic long-term SHTF (although a 5+ year SHTF pretty much qualifies as TEOTWAWKI in my book), and considering that I already live in a small town with plenty of forest, game to hunt (moose and deer) and with plenty of pretty decent farmland :
    12) farmer
    8) hunter
    Good food is crucial for morale, especially considering our group would most likely expand quite fast. Fishing is so rediculously easy here that I wouldn't want to waste a spot by taking a fisherman and I personally don't like fish anyway. Veggies, potatoes and meat can be provided by these 2, so they are a must-have.
    19) lumberjack
    24) handyman
    We have long, cold winters here in Sweden and with all the forest here, building shelter and defenses will need a ton of wood, so these 2 would be essential.
    17) doctor, for obvious reasons.

    There really aren't that many people that I'd definitely wouldn't want in our group, just these two:
    2) body builder (or any type that spends more than an hour a day working out) - useless people who are obsessed with their looks.
    6) theologian - there's no place for religion in my group, $deity will not come to our aid, we have to do it ourselves.

    These 5 might be of some use, wouldn't send them away right away in any case:
    13) lawyer - may be of use during negotiations with other surviving groups
    14) historian - he who commands the past controls the future.
    15) businessman - usually understands the value of planning for mid- to long term and as we all (should) know: Plans are nothing, Planning is everything.
    18) athlete - might make a pretty decent scout.
    21) hot babe - hey, we all have needs

    And these 5 I'd like to show up wanting to join our group:
    1) chef - as our group gets larger, cooking will become more difficult. Having someone who's used to cooking for large groups is definitely a plus.
    3) dentist - pretty obvious, and can even assist the doctor.
    9) firefighter - since our structures would be mostly wood, having someone who knows about fire safety would be a plus.
    11) auto mechanic - the older ones who can fix cars that aren't completely computer-run can be quite useful. Converting cars to run on woodgas would certainly be of use.
    20) policeman - conflicts will arise, security will be needed. A policeman can certainly be useful.

    Myself, I'd best fit under category 24, the handyman, so hopefully I'd be accepted by another group, if it'd come to that.

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    Jul 2012
    I find it quite entertaining how people in here are thinking in stereotypes. Like how a bodybuilder is assumed to be a drug addict instead of seeing a person who's developing himself and see's anabolic steroides as 'cheating' or how a soldier automatically gives you an 'tactical' advantage while as [MENTION=36]12gauge[/MENTION] points out:he is cut off from the ussual supply lines he is used to (so: what's a soldier with a gun but no bullets?).

    Then I wonder: how quickly would everyone's list change with a few adjustments? It is assumed that everyone is good at their job. What if skill in each occupation is questionable? I furthermore like the point that [MENTION=672]Communicator[/MENTION] made about the fisherman, why even let a hunter join your group in the Netherlands? Practically nothing to hunt here. Fish on the other hand though... And wouldn't it be wiser to maybe swap the hunter for a (meat)farmer?

    And what if suddenly turns out that 'useless' lawyer was smart (and rich) enough to make arrangements for a safe-heaven with a place for 10 additional people during a WROL? What if that businessperson was a secret prepper all those years? Like some pointed out it's also important that you take in account the personalities in a group. I'd rather have a cooperative and compassionate historian than an aggresive handyman..

    Overal it's a nice thought experiment but there's no such thing as the perfect group and it all depends on so many variables. I'dd like to add a few points of perspective though:

    - Although I am pretty much an atheist/agnostic myself, I personally would consider bringing in an theologian in my personal group depending on the scenario. In a serious SHTF on a wide scale and total breakdown it's safe to assume that after some time large groups would form again in an effort to rebuild. Having a theologian in your group might not only prove beneficial in keeping law and order in your group it might even convert others to your cause and group.
    - Historians might have valuable insight to ancient battles and might even prevent you and your group from huge mistakes being made in the past. Knowledge is power right?
    - People with marketing skills such as shop owners might be handy in adding value during trade or negotiating giving you leverage as also pointed out by [MENTION=812]Enki[/MENTION]
    - A bum or homeless man, probably knows the backdoors of the city and the shadowside of society. Knows how to improvise and get around with just a little.Don't underestimate the intel these people might hold.
    - A bodybuilder might seem like a brainless hulk but on the other hand might also strong like one and be more fit than any other person in your group. Having a group of these might also proof intimidating and might scare of small groups of looters/marauders.
    - A small group of prostitutes, worlds oldest profession aiming at peoples most wanted desires. Combined with a group of 'brainless hulks' might proof to be the golden formula for a businessmodel after the big event if you ask me. At least a good way to hold moral during WROL and restrain a large group from more desperate ways of furfilling their 'needs'.

    I'm just saying it all depends.

    *Why it this thread in English by the way? XD
    "Fuck voting, fuck protesting, fuck writing letters to your congressmen. I will protest silently, with my wallet."
    ''You know when you're a Survivalist/prepper If you have ever been caught in the tub playing with your Katadyn''
    ''Whether through force (war) or democratic means, we subject ourselves to the order of governments.''



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